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Soups/Sauces           Green Grape and Almond Gazpacho
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(Yields: Makes approximately 4 cups)

•   2 English cucumbers, peeled
•   ½ pound green grapes
•   1 shallot
•   1 cup whole milk yogurt
•   2 cloves garlic, peeled
•   4 ounces almond flour
•   3 tablespoons sherry vinegar
•   ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
•   Optional: Vanilla Oil
•   Optional: additional grapes, for garnish


Slice the cucumbers in half, lengthwise. With a spoon, scrape out the seeds that run through the middle of the cucumber. Slice the seeded cucumber into3 to 4-inch pieces.

In a food processor or blender, combine cucumber, grapes, shallot, yogurt, garlic, flour, vinegar, olive oil, and a ¼ cup of water. Blend until smooth.

Pour mixture into miniature martini glasses or shot glasses. Top with 5-6 drops of vanilla oil and a frozen grape.

Optional garnish: Skewer grapes onto toothpick or skewer and freeze.

Vanilla Oil:
Cut a vanilla bean in half lengthwise, and scrape out the pods from the center with a knife. Combine the vanilla pods with a neutral oil such as grapeseed oil, and let the mixture sit for 3 days to develop flavor. Strain before using to remove the vanilla pods. Place into a squeeze bottle and put a few drops on the top of the gazpacho just before serving.